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About BreastfeedingNG


Breastfeeding NG is a company founded by Maryam AnjolaOluwa Sanuth, a Clinical Pharmacist, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Mum to two amazing little humans
As many mothers would, she expected breastfeeding to be natural and easy. Unfortunately, it wasn’t.
She found that help and support from family, friends and health professionals were either lacking or inadequate. She couldn’t comprehend how millions of women in Nigeria were able to breastfeed without proper knowledge and support and so ‘Breastfeeding NG’ was birthed: a brand focused on providing solutions to the challenges that breastfeeding mothers face in Nigeria.

Our story

The company was founded on the 28th of February, 2018 and since then has provided support through social media, physical antenatal classes and interviews to thousands of women.
Along the line she found that support and knowledge wasn’t quite enough.

A lot of women weren’t breastfeeding successfully due to an inadequate milk supply. She combined her knowledge as a drug formulator and a great cook, she came up with various milk boosting treats that mums could eat on the go and not have to worry about their supply.

These treats include Lactation Cookies, Hot Chocolate Mix, Lemonade and Granola. All treats are made with love and absolute care and are adored by thousands of mums like you.

Here, you will find your village. Mothers like you who have struggled with breastfeeding and have found solace here. You will find women to cheer you and hold your hand through your struggles.
We are ever happy to help you on this journey, whether by holding your hand or by offering a Cookie.

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